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Hi all,

Does anybody know if it is possible to bulk download all sales invoices? I am switching to a sole trader account (already set up in Quickfile :slight_smile: ) & will shortly be looking to close the Ltd company account. Obviously, I need to keep records! I have already bulk downloaded all receipts for purchases but cannot for the life of me, find a way to bulk download all sales invoices. I can save all the information into a CSV format (50 at a time) but it does not include dates etc they are all hashed out.

Look forward to your ideas


Hi @Anthony_Dowling

You can PDF up to 50 invoices at a time by ticking the checkboxes next to them on the invoice list, clicking “More Options” and selecting “Print Selected”.

However, I just want to touch on 2 things that may help:

We don’t currently delete QuickFile accounts so you’re welcome to leave the data in place.
As the account would be inactive, the number of 12 month ledger entries would also drop so a subscription would no longer be required. Of course, if any of this should change, we would give you plenty of notice.

Are you viewing the file in Excel? With things like numbers and dates, Excel often replaces the values with ‘#’ if the column is too small. If you make the column wider, you should find the date there (although please let me know if that’s not the case).

Hope that helps!

Hi Mathew,

Many thanks for your help! I am going through the process of saving my invoices now. Even though it will only do 50 in a batch it’s still better than individually!! You are quite correct about Excel, I tried moving the column size & the date appeared. Regards keeping the old account, yes, I never thought of it that way. Many thanks

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