Drag and Drop invoice attachment upload

Another feature request from me, if possible and you see the merit of course!

Looking into more detail about storing documents electronically, I think I’m going to start storing all the invoices received against their purchases on QF (either manually scanned, sent in via email, downloaded etc), and then only physically retain hard copies that have been received in monthly wallets.

After looking at the upload process, I think it would be more streamlined if we were able to ‘drag and drop’ a file onto the form when creating a purchase or onto the purchase record after it’s been created. Instead of having to click a button, browse to find the file, select it etc etc. This should then allow the dragging and dropping of files from an email client (such as Oultook) straight from the email onto the page to have it upload it to the purchase.

It would be great I think.

Hi @gcotton

Thanks for your suggestion. We’ll leave it open for others to add their comments/feedback.

In the meantime, what you could do is drag files into a Dropbox folder which would sync up with QuickFile, albeit it wouldn’t be directly to an invoice.

Some browsers support this already. I use Opera (same engine as Chrome) and that lets me drag and drop onto the “choose file” button as an alternative to clicking the button and navigating with a file chooser.

I do have to be careful to drop directly onto the button though, if I miss it will just open the PDF using the in-browser viewer instead of selecting it for upload.


Ah was never aware of this drag/drop onto the choose file button; that’s helpful thanks!
Still not 100% though, as it won’t work with dropping attachments out of Outlook, which would have been nice lol.

Yeah, it has to be a real file on disk somewhere rather than data piped from another application. But you can drag from Outlook to your desktop and then from desktop to the upload button.

I’ve just found a great little add-in for Outlook http://outlook2web.com/
Outlook2Web allows me to drag attachments from Outlook straight onto a web page (like the choose file button mentioned above) and allows it to be uploaded.

Tried it, seems to work OK, so now going to buy a personal license for $39 (about £30, which allows for the installation onto 3 machines) Lifetime purchase with free upgrades!

Thought it was worth sharing.

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I find the option to add supplement pages very useful but am also finding it a bit of a pain to have to save an email attachments and then upload them, it would be fantastic if I could just drag and drop the attachment into the supplement pages area or indeed copy and paste would be just as good, as I understand the webpage would need to support HTML5 drag and drop / copy and paste?

Is this feature a possibility? I think I have seen other requests for this feature.



Getting confused, it is the ability to attach files to estimates / invoices that I refer to.

Hi @Rob

It’s certainly possible. I’ve merged your post into the existing thread for this feature to keep everything together.

New drag&drop feature for invoice and purchase attachments works fantastic. Thanks very much.


@tc5440 - you beat us to it :slight_smile:

@Rob @ian_roberts @gcotton - I’m pleased to say we have added drag and drop upload to several areas in QuickFile:

  • Document Manager
  • Receipt Hub
  • Purchase invoices
  • Sales invoices
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Brilliant news, works great, a superb feature! thank you.