Drones/UAV's - what category?

I will be purchasing a small drone imminently (c. £750 + VAT) and probably a second one within the next 12 months that is like to cost £3-4k + VAT.

What accounting category has anyone else put drones into following advice of an accountant? I had a virtual meeting with my accountant on Friday and she wasn’t one hundred percent sure and is looking into it.

With the 125% uplift for Plant and Machinery announced in the budget, I am hoping that “Plant and Machinery” is the appropriate category for such devices. Whilst I will of course wait for my accountant to come back to me, I am also impatient hence asking here.

Thank you

Hi Normski,
First things first, I am not an accountant.
It may depends on what you are doing with your drone. If you use it in the construction industry then you may can use Plant and Machinery. If you use it for photos then it is more a camera but I am not sure does it count then as plant and machinery. It is one of those new things which can not 100% categorized at the moment, I think. It is maybe good to open a new account for this, for example 0060 and you could call it Drones? 0061 Drones Depreciation? 8005 Drones Depreciation? It is just an idea and not an advice.

But, it is probably best to wait for your accountant.

It’s actually going to be used primarily for checking fence lines at solar sites for damage and also for the detection of intruders within. Thanks for your input.

I see no issue with plant and machinery.

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