Drop box integration

i have to keep removing dropbox integration

1 uploads no recipes
2 remove integration and reestablish
3 poll drop box now
4 downloads 20 of 28
5 remove integration and reestablish
6 poll drop box now
7 downloads 6 receipts
8 remove integration and reestablish
9 poll drop box now

Hello @pelican

How long are you leaving it connected for?

The way Dropbox works with QuickFile is like this:

  • You add the file to the relevant folder
  • Dropbox tells QuickFile you’ve done this
  • After a few minutes, we pull in the details, copy the file and move it to the Imported folder

If you’re leaving it for some time (e.g. half hour or more), it may be an issue on the Dropbox end of things, so it may be worth raising it with them

i have just been doing what you told me to do since the last time this automatic integration stopped being auto matic.

It should resolve the issue.

How long are you leaving it connected for? Are you having issues with any other apps connected to Dropbox? Have you tried running a manual poll from within your QuickFile account while there are pending files?

no other apps connected to drop box only quickfile

don’t understand the question

. “How long are you leaving it connected for?”

attached is the manual polling process

what do you mean pending files?

Apologies - I see you mentioned “poll drop box now” in your first post. I assume you mean this is you clicking the button in your account itself?

Are the same files being left behind all the time, or is it different ones on each occasion?

Files waiting to be imported into your account and still sat in your Dropbox folder itself.

none were pending , the files eventually went with each poll button press as i stated above

I’m glad it’s sorted for you on this occasion. Please let us know if it happens again.

If it does happen again, if you could confirm if they are the same files being left behind all the time or if it’s different ones, then that certainly help us start to try and pin point any issues.

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