Dropbox feed not working (new)

Seems to have stopped pulling into receipt hub even though daily limit should have been reset. Unlinked and relinked to no avail

The Dropbox feed has been running fine. I’ve just used it myself. There are a few reasons why it may not be picking up your files. I’ve just posted a checklist here you can take a look at:


I am having trouble with the dropbox also.

It seems to import some but not others in no particular order.

I have checked the file size they are all under 5mb, they are all .txt .jpg or .pdf and waited over an hour.

Any suggestions?

@gary_c_coughlan I’ve just manually polled your account from our admin side but it’s showing no files? This can happen if you’ve linked to the wrong Dropbox account when setting up.

Are you able to disconnect and reconnect your account to QuickFile see if that works?