Dropbox files not uploading

Hi All

I successfully uploaded a receipt using dropbox yesterday, but have since installed camscanner and the receipts are no longer appearing in the receipt hub.

The file is in zip form and is showing up in my Dropbox account, but not in quickfile.

Any ideas ?



Screenshot of my Dropbox recents folder.

Hi Dave,

The Receipt Hub only supports a select number of file types, specifically:

Any other files wouldn’t be uploaded.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t upload them to an invoice directly, it just means that the Dropbox set up or “email your receipts” feature won’t pick these up.

I hope that helps


Thanks for the reply.

The files are jpg and were taken using camscanner which you recommend …so that should be fine shouldn’t it ?




I see what you’re saying re the file type, guess this means you cant bulk upload files, they must be individually uploaded ?

Thank you

The files are individually uploaded, but you can add multiple to the folder at a time, no need to do them one at a time.

When you take the photo with CamScanner, simply share it as a JPG or PDF to the Dropbox folder, and we’ll handle the rest

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