Dropbox files - what happens to them once they've been imported?


What do you guys do with the files in Dropbox once you’ve uploaded them to Quickfile ?

Do you delete from Dropbox to clear space or do you back them up somewhere just in case the worst happens ?

Thank you

Hi @DC123

When we import the files, we rename them and move them into the Imported folder (in the Quick File Receipts folder).

We actually copy the file and move it so both us and you know that it’s been processed and you keep a copy too.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Still a bit confused with this, as my dropbox is almost full I am wondering if it is ok for me to delete the imported folder (Quick file receipts) in my dropbox?

Hi @jojo

It shouldn’t cause any problems to delete the files in the folder, but you would need to keep the folder itself for future use.

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Thank you that makes perfect sense.

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I would be interested in others comments but as a relative newbie and having ready what is written above I will continue to always

  • give scans long file name fully describing what they are
  • scan documents in 200dpi and grayscale so they are smaller
  • leave them in the imported folder for future reference
  • set an auto back up of the dropbox imported folder to somewhere else just to be on the safe side.
  • (Be reassured that the system is not needing the dropbox contents)
    The reason to copy the imported folder rather than just keep copies of the original scan is that all ithe files in the "Imported " folder in dropbox have date stamps so it is much easier to back track when looking for something.
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