Dropbox help with multiple qf accounts

evening all

i have tried to be clever and managed to muck things up completely, it was working great before, any help greatly appreiated, might need a qf techie


Hi @Chris_Days

I’ll try my best to help!

What sort of set up do you have on Dropbox at the moment, as in folder names etc? They should match them as per this topic:

Are you seeing any errors from QuickFile at all?

Seriously it a right muck up, I already had the Dropbox working fine on the main ltd company account (account1), I wanted to add my self assessment account(account2), so I logged in account 2 and clicked to Dropbox integration button, it added an imported folder in the QuickFile receipts folder, that didn’t help, so I moved the original folder into an account with the QF number_name and moved the new folder into QF number_other name…it’s all gone pear shaped!

If you send either of us a private message with both your account details, we can run a few tests to make sure everything is setup correctly at your end.

My DB folder layout looks something like this:

I appear to have sussed it out myself

ive got it all working, thanks anyway