Dropbox integration 2

When I try and set up Dropbox for receipt capture its not asking me for Dropbox detail, its just saying its set it up. I don’t understand how it is supposed to know what my Dropbox account is so, as expected it will not upload and receipts as it doesn’t know where to look.

Has the same Dropbox account been previously authorised to pull in receipts to another QuickFile account? If so this may be the correct behaviour - usually the way these OAuth integrations work it’ll redirect you to the Dropbox login page and then ask you to grant access for QuickFile to your Dropbox account. If your browser is already signed in to Dropbox then it’ll bypass the login prompt and if you’ve previously granted authorisation then it won’t need to ask again and will just bounce you straight back to the success page on QuickFile.

Yes it may be doing that but it doesn’t receive the receipts that are in the folder and when I manually [poll dropbox now] it says “We were unable to locate any items for import, please ensure you are connected to the right Dropbox account and you have verified the files are present in the appropriate folder.”

The key words are “appropriate folder” - if you have authorised this Dropbox account against two different QuickFile accounts then the receipts need to go into a different folder than they would if the Dropbox account were only connected to one QuickFile. With the multiple connection you have to create a sub-folder under Quick File Receipts named with the QuickFile account number (which you can find in the top right hand corner of your QuickFile dashboard)

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