Dropbox Integration are items deleted once imported?

Could you please advise if it is standard practice that when receipts or invoices are placed in the Dropbox Quickfile Folder they later seem to be deleted as they appear in the receipts hub.
Also is it possible for the invoices or receipts to be located in separate folders within the Dropbox Quickfile folder


They aren’t deleted, they are moved to the “imported” folder in the application route.

Many thanks Glenn

For some reason my iphone seemed to update quicker than my desktop after which I notied the imported folder.
1.0 Is it possible to use sub folders within the quickfile folder in dropbox
2.0 When entering the Receipt at the Receipt Hub Stage is it correct that you cant split the receipt between different nominals as you can when you undertake bank tagging against invoices or bills that have been entered manually.
3.0 I presume that if it is not possible to use sub folders in Dropbox then it may pay to use the dropbox to bring historic transactions upto date and then simply use your own Receipt App or Email going forward.


Sub folders can only be used to group receipts by account, for example if you are uploading to multiple QF accounts from one Dropbox (as explained here).

That is correct, however you can save the purchase and edit after creation to itemise across different nominal accounts.

Regarding point 3, Dropbox is good for bringing in larger quantities of historic receipts, but I use it with CamScanner to bring in new receipts too, works perfectly well.

I’m not 100% sure what the purpose of sub-folders is in Dropbox as it’s mainly used as a conduit for importing receipts into QuickFile rather than a long term archive.

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