Dropbox integration failing

i do not know why but for some reason even though i have followed the guide and all files are upload none of them appear in receipt hub and there quite a few to import

Where are you putting the files? Did you check these steps:


Hi Glenn,

I have done all of those I have had it going waiting for a few days now hence why I am emailing them in

I’m putting I the apps/quick file folder I that post

When I poll your Dropbox I see you’ve created a folder /6131458005/13538/... Your files need to be in the root of the Quick File Receipts folder.

\Apps\Quick File Receipts\file1.pdf
\Apps\Quick File Receipts\file2.pdf
\Apps\Quick File Receipts\file3.pdf

If there is a folder i ain’t created it… i will look at the online version incase dropbox has modify something

i just checked both offline and online neither have any folders

any idea why this isn’t working?

Most likely you’ve linked to the wrong Dropbox account. I can tell you for sure there’s nothing in the account to which you have linked. You may want to re-link your accounts, make sure you are logged into the correct DB account when linking.

Oh i think i have a idea then why

Working now, i had linked to company dropbox but dropbox decide to install with personal one