Dropbox integration has stopped working

Hi there,

I have recently started using Quickfile and have been getting to grips with it nicely.

However, today I have uploaded a few invoices to Dropbox and it appears it has stopped syncing to my account. I was last online a couple of weeks ago and it worked like a dream.

I have been through the checklist “Dropbox isn’t working” and all looks fine.

I get an “unable to locate any items…” error message when I poll manually.

I have removed the dropbox integration and reconnected.

The only thing that I can think that has changed since using it last is I have upgraded my Quickfile account.

Any ideas?

Kindest regards,

Hi Sarah,

If you go to dropbox.com do you see the folder there with the files you’re expecting?

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Hi Beth,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

That was the point in the right direction we needed.

As you have probably guessed, no the files weren’t showing in dropbox.com. For some reason, Dropbox wasn’t running on my laptop and therefore wasn’t syncing to dropbox.com.

Restarted the app on my laptop and all working brilliantly again!

Thanks for the help!

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