Dropbox integration not working with multiple Dropbox accounts


We setup drop box integration through another account for invoice upload but now it doesn’t work for my account (so we need at least 2 accounts being able to upload).

How do we fix this please?



Have you had a look here?

Dropbox isn’t working - What you need to check for first

As you mentioned you’re trying to connect multiple accounts, the folders need to be named in a specific way, you will see a few examples here:

Dropbox Custom Folder Suffixes

Hi Glenn,

Thanks but I think, unless I misunderstand, this isn’t the solution.

We have 2 computers with 2 different drop box accounts. They both want to upload to our 1 quickfile account (mealtek.quickfile.co.uk).

Both are setup to work but neither do.



Oh OK, unfortunately at the moment you can only connect one Dropbox account to one QuickFile account. We don’t support multiple Dropbox accounts connecting to a single QuickFile account.

I see currently you have a Dropbox account connected however I can’t tell you which one it is. I would recommend disconnecting and reconnecting your Dropbox account, make sure when you reconnect you know which account you are authorising.