Dropbox integration problem

I have set up dropbox integration on my account but when I drop receipts into the receipt folder they do not show up in the receipt hub. Also why doesnt it install on the desktop where it would be easily accessible? Anyone any ideas?
Receipts arrived eventually!

Can take 20 mins to sync, it’s not quite instant :slight_smile:

Glen I would concur ther is a fault just now with both drop box and email receipt. Only our primary email address has been working so ATM all receipts are forwarded via myself.

Wven though I am pushing a pdf I am getting this

We couldn’t find any attachments on the following email.


Please ensure any file attachments match one of the
following file types:

, txt, pdf, csv, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, html, htm, jpg,
jpeg, png, gif, tif, rtf,

For more information on the email receipt service, please
refer to the following guide.


The Quick File Team

We are very sorry to have to report this but on Friday afternoon we experienced a serious problem regarding the document scans maintained on Quick File. We regret that this has resulted in the irreversible loss of a number of document scans from our storage partner Amazon Web Services.

We have published a full incident report here which provides more detail.

Please rest assured that no accounting and financial data managed within the main application was affected. This issue is isolated only to the storage of document scans/images. Once again we apologise for this inconvenience.

We are working at restoring full service over the weekend for a number of affected areas including Dropbox.