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Dropbox integration troubles

Cannot integrate dropbox.
I have followed the easy instructions but no joy.
Don’t know where to find apps/quickfile.receipts.
going around in circles. Any easier methods to store invoices?.

Hi @stever1

Do you use Dropbox business, or a personal account?

Its a personal account.


Once you’ve approved the link between QuickFile and Dropbox, you should have an Apps folder. Inside this, you should see a Quick File Receipts folder.

Likewise, you should find the same folder in your web version, here: https://www.dropbox.com/home/Apps/Quick%20File%20Receipts

Hi Mathew,
That connection goes straight to the dropbox account but at the moment
I cannot see an apps folder or cannot recognise it as one. approved the link and
an error message came up, no file etc

What error message did you see when you approved the link?

We were unable to locate any items for import, please ensure you are connected to the right Dropbox account and you have verified the files are present in the appropriate folder.

If you click the Dropbox link in my post above, did you see any files there?

Yes. could view as normal

Were all your invoices that you’ve tried to upload, showing there too?

Just one that we had put in to test the process.

Just to clear something up here; you say the link works above but also you said there was no Apps folder. That link should take you to the correct folder within Dropbox. The link might still take you to the correct account but not necessarily to the right folder if it doesn’t exist, so I think there’s some confusion over what the link working means to you both that might be confusing the issue!

Hi Lurch,

No, I cannot see an app folder in the Dropbox file area.

I think I may be able to solve this now.
I did a search for Quickfiles in Dropbox and the connection has appeared.
thanks for your input on this.


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