Dropbox intergration

my reciepts dont appear to be loading to the receipts hub. when i upload them the dropbox Dropbox\Apps\Quick File Receipts folder they move to the imported folder but i cant see them in my receipt hub. please can you advise

Hello @horseshoethurlby

If the files are being moved to the “Imported” folder, it does appear that they are being processed by us.

Do you have more than one QuickFile account?

No, my account number is 6131529642. I think i might had an account that i used as a trial years ago but not sure. Like i said they appear in imported folder but when i go to receipts hub and try to view any untagged its not showing anything. Also when i manually poll it says no files found.

Just re-looking at your screenshots, I notice they have kept the same file names although they’re in “Imported”.

When we process the files, we rename them to include the date and time they were imported.

Have you saved them directly into the Imported folder? If you move them up to the main Quick File Receipts folder and wait a few minutes, does this then work?

I have redone it and still not seeing the uploads. They have been moved into imported foloder See screenshots

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Hi @horseshoethurlby

I just wanted to check in and see if you managed to get this resolved, or if you need further help?

Didnt end up working but now using the app and a link to google drive that are working fine.


No problem. If you do decide to give this another go, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

I’ll close this topic for now.