Dropbox - not all files are appearing

When I am adding files to drop box some of them are coming across fine but a number of them are going into a different numbered folder as imported but not coming into quickfile how can I sort this

Hi @Kenny

The files that aren’t appearing in your QuickFile account - are they being moved into the Imported folder, or being left where they are?

Do all the files meet the requirements set out here, and 4MB or under in size?

They are going into the imported folder but a different numbered folder 6131503883 from our account number I kept deleting it and managed to get them across one at a time but ive tried to do some today and its doing the same

I had re- registered for QF after having a play around so not sure if this has caused an issue

It’s quite possible if both accounts are linked to the same Dropbox account.

We do support multiple accounts for Dropbox, but the set up needs to be slightly different:

If you don’t have the subfolders and just add your files to Apps/Quick File Receipts/ then it’s likely they’ll be picked up by the first account.

I only have the one account the other one (6131503883) I deleted completely

Also dropbox wont allow me to put the / in the folder name

I’ve asked our development team to look into this as I think there’s an issue relating to your old account.

However, ‘/’ isn’t a valid folder name.

In Dropbox, you should have an Apps folder. In there, you should have a Quick File Receipts folder. In that one, you should at least have an Imported folder, but you can also have one with your account number (no slashes). So you could have, in Quick File Receipts:

  • Imported
  • 6131400000
  • 6131400001
  • 6131400002

and so on. Any files put into the related account folder would then be imported into that account.

Ive made the folder and that’s making them go in ok



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