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Dropbox not importing my receipts



For some reason quickfile is not importing receipts from my dropbox account.

I am putting my pdf receipt into the folder with my account number.

My account number is:


Kind Regards



Hi @rajkanwarbatra

I’ve just manually checked this for you and it’s not currently picking up any files.

Can you confirm how the folder structure looks that you have in place please? It should be similar to this:

Dropbox/Apps/Quick File Receipts/6131501532_OptionalName/

If you have only the only account, you don’t even need the folder with the account number, and you can simply save your files in /Quick File Receipts/



Hope you are well. The name I have is as follows:
C:\Users\rabat\Dropbox\Apps\Quick File Receipts\Imported\6131501532


Hi @rajkanwarbatra

I’m very well thanks. Hope you’re having a great weekend!

The folder 6131501532 should be one folder up, at the same level as imported

So in the Quick File Receipts folder, you should have 2 folders:

  • 6131501532
  • Imported

Hope that helps!


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