Dropbox Performance Improvements

We have just made a significant update to the Dropbox feed that should result in much improved performance times.

Previously we would loop all Dropbox accounts continuously 24/7 to check and see if any files had been added. As more users linked their Dropbox accounts to Quick File the time it took to loop and poll all accounts became longer and longer… it was not unusual to have to wait 20 minutes for any files added to Dropbox to appear in the Receipt Hub.

Fortunately last month Dropbox announced the release of their new Web Hooks feature. This means that whenever one of our users adds a file to their Dropbox folder, it will trigger a ping message to our servers. We then know to go and poll just that account re-actively rather than polling all accounts proactively. This makes our whole system much more efficient and significantly faster.

You should now be experiencing wait times of just a couple of minutes before the files appear in your Receipt Hub!

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