Dropbox receipt integration not working

Dropbox has had a sync error and created a new folder. No receipts in my folder are bein synced anymore

Hi @David_Wayman

I’ve just manually polled your Dropbox account for you. It has picked up 25 items, however they are all too large. Can you confirm the sizes of the files please (on average, 4MB, 5MB etc.)?

Mostly sub 4mb as far as I know. Does a certificate size not import?
Also the folder seems to have changed names

There is a maximum file size of 4 MB each, so if they’re under 4 MB, they should import without any issues.

We can pick the files up without an issue. You should have an Apps/QuickFile Receipts folder, with an Imported folder inside, and possibly a Backups folder (if you have it enabled). We do allow sub folders in the format of AccountNumber_YourReference, but that is optional.

Do you have anything different?

I get Apps (selective sync conflict)/quickfile receipts

The selective sync part seems to suggest an issue with Dropbox. This page may help:

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