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Hi Glenn,

After several years of using QF, I am finally getting my accounts straight! One feature that would really speed things up concerns the ‘tagging’ of entries. At present, we can only tag a bank entry to a type of payment. I also tag virtually all entries to ‘projects’ as this really helps me keep track.

In the ‘tagging’ dialog popup that appears, can you a projects dropdown so tagging to type of payment and tagging to a project can be made in one operation. At present this is a 2 stage operation.



Hi @GaryWilliams

The issue with this is payments themselves can’t be tagged to a project - only invoices, estimates, purchases and purchase orders can. But any payments made to them are taken into account for the cash based reporting of the projects.

What may help, is we expanded the project tagging almost a year ago, so clients and suppliers automatically include specific project tags. What this allows you to do is set a specific project tag against a client or supplier, and any new invoices created for them automatically includes them. More information on that, here:

I hope that helps?

Perfect! I didn’t see that. I should be able to dual tag most of my entries now.



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