Duplicate GoCardless Payment

On 8th December one of our members GoCardless direct debit payment was rejected for invoice 013460 and I resubmitted the request via GoCardless. It was submitted, confirmed and paid out between 11th Dec and the 15th Dec.
For some unknown reason, I requested a payment for the same invoice 013460 on 11th Dec resulting in a duplicate payment on 15th Dec.
I have been using GoCardless and QF for some time and was surprised at QF allowing me to request a payment from the same invoice twice. I thought once it has a GoCardless tag on it it was locked but in this case, it was not. I subsequently refunded one of the payments.
Is there any explanation why this occurred and how should I prevent it in the future?

Hi @gjwguk

I believe there is a check to ensure 2 payments can’t be requested for the same invoice, however I will raise this with our development team to be sure and to find out what can be done here going forward.

I’ll update you when I hear back.

Via GoCardless directly rather than via QuickFile’s integration?

I’m afraid I resubmitted via GoCardless as I have done in previous situation. I don’t believe that QF has a resubmit when a payment has been rejected.

Any direct debits submitted outside of GoCardless work independently from QuickFile. So if you submitted an original payment from within QuickFile, GoCardless wouldn’t know any different and would accept duplicate payments.

I’m pretty sure however, that if a duplicate payment was requested from within QuickFile, it would challenge it if it’s raised against a specific invoice (rather than a client).

There’s no ‘resubmit’ option, but you should be able to re-request the payment as you would initially.

I understand. Rather than resubmitting via GoCardless you would click the “More Options” and request the payment as if it was a new.
Thanks, I will do that in future.

No problem. Of course, if you do encounter any issues going forward, please let us know and we’ll happily take a look for you.

I mentioned refunding of a GoCardless payment - Can that be done through QF?

Unfortunately not. Generally speaking, GoCardless doesn’t support refunds of payments as it’s not part of the Direct Debit system, although it is possible for users who are using GoCardless’ Pro package.

It’s certainly something we can look at, but we would need to see some support from the wider community to offer this.

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