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Duplicate payment refunded how to tag

one of my payments seems to have been duplicated by the bank and then in the bank feed seems to have been credited labelled PENDED BILL PAYMENT CREDITED FOR INTEREST to…
i had already tagged the original payment in the QF current bank ac and now i have a second payment and credit that i do not know how to tag!

please could you explain in simple terms what i need to do!
thank you

Delete the one that is pending, can happen. Did on mine when I first set up my account.

Pulled in transactions before my start of feed date.

I just deleted the duplicates. Balace is correct.

problem is the money actually was taken from the Santander account twice and then refunded so it will show in the bank statements, so i presumably have to tag somehow in QF.

Given the net effect is zero it doesn’t really matter how you record it, I’d just tag the duplicate money out as a transfer to another account (drawings, cash, whatever) and the refunded payment as a transfer back the other way.

Oh okay, if you are a sole trader, tag it in and out of the proprietors drawings account.