Duplicate profiles in Affinity Dashboard

Hello Glenn

Quick File is elegant and very well documented.

In Affinity, I have created a profile for a client’s limited company. After some time, I noticed that the same profile appears in my dashboard three times. How can I safely remove the two duplicates?

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Actually this is not down to anything you’ve done, I’ve removed those duplicates and I’ve referred the underlying problem to our engineer. We’ll have this fixed tomorrow morning.

Thanks a lot, Glenn.

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Just to inform you, Glenn…

I’ve added another profile and the duplicates have occurred again. I shan’t add any more until the fix is in place.

Thanks again


Just fyi, duplicate profiles also appeared on my dashboard.

Thanks guys! Appreciate your patience…We know what’s causing this and we’re just applying the fix now. By midday it should all be fine.

The duplicates have been removed and will not return. Did either of you find the duplicates appearing after updating the company number here?

That’s great, thank you Glenn!

Not sure. I think I entered the Company Number via the Management Information screen.

ah ok, that’s interesting! The problem arose from the company number being entered multiple times. I’ll checkout the management info screens.

for one client - i added them as new account and 3 profile appeared for them. (although only one of them had company number and return date against it)
The co number was entered when setting up the client.

for another client, i tried to do go through the year end process as the client themselves and after that imported their profile to my dashboard, in this case 2 profile appeared. (both these profiles had company number and returns date)
The company number was entered at setup and later during the yearend process.

@Sam thanks for the additional information.

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