Duplicate transaction in Barclays feed, same date, same description


The title says it all. I can obviously delete one, but which one? Also how did it happen?


I can PM you a screen grab if you think that’s helpful. Please let me know.

I’ve been using the bank feed for my Barclays business account for a number of months, without any major problem. Until just now, where refreshing the feed duplicates the last payment made by a customer. So now I have multiple copies of untagged amounts that are false, and the total does not match.
I’ve logged into my Barclays account to confirm my customer hasn’t paid multiple times (and confirm the correct total). Each refresh adds another duplicate (I have done this 4 times in the past few minutes).
I’m not sure if this is a bug with Quickfile or the feed API.
Anone else noticing the same problem ?

Hi @gemcircuits

That certainly doesn’t sound right.

What type of bank feed are you using? Are the transactions different in anyway (e.g. is it importing with a different date or description)?

I’m not sure which bank feed, it was the built in one for Barclays (I pay for the service). I followed the advice a few weeks ago when it changed, and has been working at all times except just now with this bug.
Each transaction is identical in every way.

Let me send you a private message and we can take a look for you. I’ll leave this thread here so other users can add their own comments if needed.

Hi @greengriff

We’re looking into this issue now. I’ve just merged an existing thread into this one as the title will hopefully be a bit easier for other users to find.

I’ll come back with an update ASAP.

@greengriff @gemcircuits - There was a discrepancy with checks on the timestamps from the bank feed which caused this issue. This has been fixed going forward.

Duplicate transactions can be safely removed. If they’re all untagged, you may be able to do this in bulk by going to More Options >> View Recent Batch Uploads and undoing it there.

Any problems, please let us know.

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Problem still exists for me, each refresh is still adding a duplicate for the last customer payment made to me.

I’ve just done a CTRL-F5 to force a refresh of cached scripts.
Problem now appears to be fixed.

You beat me to it :slight_smile:

I was a bit premature earlier on - our team hadn’t released it, but they have done so in the last 5 minutes.

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