Duplicate transaction search

Hi for some reason my square bank feed has over 50k in duplicate transactions, I have been downloading it as an excel so I can can A-Z it and spot abit easier the duplicates then manually deleting them. However, it would be brilliant if you had a ‘search for duplicate’ feature in which it would search description/price/date and bring up any potential duplicates so I didnt have to go through thousands of transactions 1 by 1 looking where there may be duplicates. I cant find a feature so assuming other than the initial upload one (live feed so unhelpful in this case) theres no other way to search for potential duplicates. Would love this feature for errors such as this!

They do have a duplicate feature. When you import your bank statement it will flag duplicate entries.

The trouble is, when people change the description line in the bank feed, it won’t find a duplicate, because the description has changed.

Hi @fleursfriendlyfields

As @Paul_Courtier mentioned, we will automatically check for duplicate transactions based on date, description and amount, when you import transactions from a file.

These will show up with 2 options to either ignore that transaction or to import it. If any of these details don’t match an existing transaction, we’ll import it.

I hope this helps!

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