Duplicate Transactions & Deleting Tagged Transactions & Bulk Untag


I’ve managed to create duplicate bank transactions and can’t see a quick way to fix it.

I uploaded bank transactions incorrectly so deleted them and tried again. Unfortunately I did not realise that you shouldn’t delete tagged transactions, of which most of mine were due to my tagging rules.

When I imported the second time, it found a handful of possible duplicates, but I went through and none of them were. This second import is also now all tagged.

I have about 5,000 transactions to look through - is there no way of finding the duplicates and bulk deleting?

I would untag all transactions, delete all transaction and upload again, but there is no bulk untag function so I’d have to do this 5000 times!

Any help much appreciated! Thank you.

First of all I would switch off auto-tagging in your bank tagging rules section. Although these rules can save a lot of time you can quickly create a huge mess if they’re not finely tuned.

There’s no bulk detag but you’d be better off just deleting all the erroneous entries from the bank, and uploading again (maybe in smaller chunks and definitely with auto-tagging off). If these existing bank entries are tagged to purchase or sales invoices those invoices will be reverted to unpaid when you delete them, so you may need to delete those backing invoices too.

If your account is relatively new you could also consider just wiping it and starting again, although I appreciate this may not be an option for you at this stage.

Hello Glenn, Thank you for your quick reply. All sorted, thank you very much.

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