Duplicates created by tagging from the bank and logging manual payments


I seem to have a problem with transactions being duplicted - perhaps I’m tagging incorrectly?

I normally do the following:

  • Import statement
  • Tag a transaction: eg £20 went out of my account to Tesco - I tag this as a payment to a new supplier (or existing if I’ve used Tesco before)
  • on my dashboard it now says I ‘owe’ £20
  • I click and it references the above transaction and I can view the generated Purchase invoice
  • I mark it as paid

after I do this it duplicates the transaction by adding one that says ‘Payment made to Teso’

but this knocks my balance out by £20.

So, I’m guessing I’m doing something wrong… can anyone help?


After tagging from the bank it should not create any unpaid invoices, as essentially the payment on the bank is used to create an invoice of equal value and then that payment is assigned to the invoice. I am confused when you say:

Are you sure that wasn’t already there? Are you using the Receipt Hub as well to create invoices?

Hi, thanks for the response.

I figured that’s how it should work but it doesn’t seem to be.

I haven’t used the receipt hub, I maybe tried it once when I fist signed up but generally don’t touch it - I just follow the method I mentioned.

In the dashboard the ‘money you owe’ appears in the ‘dashboard at a glance section’.

£20 was just an example, it has created nearly 2 pages worth dating back two years. Looking at them it appears to be the ones i have created a ‘rule’ for when presented with that option in the tagging process - could that have something to do with it?

Maybe ones I have searched for via the similar transactions search tool?



When I look at your outstanding invoices there are a total of 59 some of them created from bank tagging, others entered manually from the log a purchase screen. In each case however I see payments added, then deleted, then added again. I am not entirely clear on why they were deleted and then added again repeatedly?

Here’s an example:

There seem to be many like this on your account. This particular invoice wasn’t created from bank tagging but entered manually.

If you want to enter a new transaction now to illustrate where you believe there to be a problem, I’ll happily look at this with you to see where you may be going wrong?

Hi Glenn,

When payment has been deleted - this is because I have noticed a duplicate transaction and then deleted it to even out the balance.

For example in my current bank account a tranasction from tesco would carry the following description:

(last 4 digits of my acc No.) #### TESCO STORES

and the duplicate will appear as:

Payment made to Tecso

There has been a few occasions when I have gone through my account and compared to bank statements, wondering why they didn’t match - in each case it was because of duplicate transactions, which I would then delete.

My account balance would match and be correct, but then I would notice the ‘money I owe’ section.

I would look in this section and notice generated invoices marked ‘unpaid’ then mark them as paid - only the problem would reoccur, each item marked paid would create a duplicate transaction.

I only made the connection this week, so all those payments being added then deleted, will be me going through that cycle.

So, I don’t understand why some transactions are being marked in that way but others aren’t.

For example - the transactions I placed in this week have not created any duplicates. I tried tagging in various ways (manual, bulk and confirming according to rules)

They don’t seem to follow a pattern as far as I can tell… any ideas?

Thanks for persevering

I think what you are doing is tagging the item from the bank (which would create a PAID purchase invoice). But you are also manually entering the purchase and marking as paid using the Log a Payment box. This will add a second payment to the bank.

I don’t see that you’ve been doing this recently but it looks like when you first started you were routinely doing this. I think you need to stick to tagging from the bank (which will create the purchase invoice record automatically) and avoid logging manual payments as this is what’s creating those duplications.

I have exactly the same problem. I send in my invoices by email or the app. Download my bank statements. Tag them, yet Quickfile says I still owe the money. Have ended up deleting old invoices to try and reconcile - it’s driving me nuts! Presume I am doing something wrong? Help much appreciated.

@Yelekreb how are you marking your invoices as paid?

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