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Ok, so I’ve set up dynamic variables in recurring invoices: what should I see in the preview window? How can I know that the variables will calculate correctly? I’ve used || to wrap the variable and tested it in your tester ok, but when I copy/pasted the tested code into my recurring invoice, it seemed to change to [] square brackets, and the client saw [MONTH] instead of May. So, I’ve been back through all of them and converted them back to || ||. How do I know it’s going to work ok?


Hi @Dan

Variables such as ||MONTH|| would show as [MONTH] in the preview, but when the invoice itself generates, this will convert to the actual month.

Is this what you’re seeing? If not, can you give me an example of where you see this please, and I’ll take a quick look?

Whilst it is technically all documented and does what it should it isn’t as clear as it could be IMO. I’ve made the mistake before of copying variables from old profiles but these show with square brackets rather than pipes. I think the fact that the square brackets are there is what confuses the issue, maybe just removing them altogether from the preview would save any ambiguity, or a note on the preview screen when you are previewing invoices with recurring profiles?

I’ll make some recommendations to our dev team, and see what could be done to improve this. However, all variables that have been picked up by the system are highlighted:

I do appreciate though that this doesn’t fix the copying between profiles issue

Just wanted to let you know that we’ve amended this slightly to change it to ||:

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Thank you guys, that has explained it clearly to me and yes the variables are now highlighted yellow.

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