E-commerce integration

Not sure if we have e-commerce integration facility to pick sales data from open source platform based websites, e.g Prestashop, Joomlas, Opencart, Zencart etc etc and on top of that Ebay and Amazon type platforms. Does not have to be real time, if it could that would be awsome, but at least with click of button all orders should feed in bit like bank feed keeping order IDs same as from relevant platforms and generating internal sales invoices. Big challenge here is vat treatment based on customer location and nature

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Is the API not able to do all that already? That’s basically what I was planning on using to integrate ecommerce with Quick File. In fact, it was basically the whole reason I started looking at Quick File in the first place.

Every integration needs to be built separately, and in each case we need to allocate time to decipher their API, parse the data and insert the records into Quick File. We also need to build a scheduler and a way for users to fine-tune the settings. Suffice to say it takes a lot of time just to build one integration…there’s no one size fits all approach here.

The way we look at this is simple, if there is clear demand to integrate with a particular vendor we will prioritise this. But when we get users asking for all different sorts of integrations that won’t benefit the wider user-base it’s difficult for us to justify this.

@Lurch the API is designed as a bridge to pull data into Quick File, you can pretty much build whatever interface you want with it, providing you have the necessary skills. But many requests we receive are along the lines of…can we build an integration with company x, y or z.

I think it is good idea to get developer do the job and they can develop paid modules to use with quick file, e.g ebay / Amazon and all other open source platform e-commerce sites, as not everyone would need these addons but those who need is can buy addons, bit like say Joomla modules, lot of them are free and paid ones too that work with Joomla

So out of interest, is there any ecommerce or CRM type system you have had a few requests for already? I think my integration will either be completely custom and/or maybe based around Joomla. There are a few other packages we use that I could steer the project towards if it was more likely that that may possibly have full Quick File integration in the future.

You can have a look in the category ‘integrations’, as you can see there’s not a lot of cross-over on what people are asking for. We covered the major ones some time ago (e.g. PayPal, Stripe, GoCardless etc) now we’re kind of dealing with a long tail of other potential integrations.

Oh, one that has come up a couple of times is PaymentSense, and also CardSave.


Zapier also looks interesting, this was raised by another use a week or so back. Zapier is a way to link APIs so an event on Platform A triggers an action on Platform B. We’ve been looking into this!

I saw the post on Zapier. I also have that in the ‘to be looked at properly’ list as I could potentially have 10 different functions across 4 API’s for a single transaction.