Easy way to get client login?


When a client wants to login to their account, quickfile doesn’t seem to make it easy to get the details, such as login URL, username pass etc.

The only option seems to be ‘email login details to customer’. However, this can easily go to spam.

Is there a better way of acquiring this information so I can send it in an email?


Hi @tom_44

Unfortunately there isn’t a way of viewing this information to then send in an email from yourself, but you can manually reset the password by editing the client contact.

Or, you could generate a URL for a specific invoice and send that in an email which would automatically log them in.

Hope this helps.

so first one -
The URL login should be easily accessible. Currently it’s ‘login as user’ and this really messes around with the existing login session.

Second, the ‘URL’ for specific invoice doesn’t always work, it fails often. Also, that doesn’t allow them to see all invoices.

The top level login URL for clients is the same as for you as the administrator - https://<yourcompany>.quickfile.co.uk

Yes, but it’s not easily acquired from the client page.

How exactly does this fail? I have never had anyone say they couldn’t access the invoice using the link I have sent them.

I was referring to seeing other invoices when linking one. It often didn’t work, i guess they fixed it now.

Hi @tom_44

We’re not aware of any issues when trying to view other invoices, but if you do encounter it again, please let us know and we’ll happily take a look for you.

My experience is that users are simply unobservant and simply don’t register the fact that there are clickable tabs to access their account visible when they open an invoice.

That is exactly my experience too. I wouldn’t call this a failing of the Quickfile link at all, simply that customers for some reason do not even look at anything on the screen (which I think must extend to other areas of their online activities too). Some are completely surprised that the invoices link shows them their invoices!

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