eBay collected import tax

Hi Folks
Hopefully some kind soul can help me with this!
After several months of head scratching as to mystery transactions appearing in my PayPal feed labelled
’ NO_INDEX: ’ I finally worked out that they refer to the sales tax that eBay collects on behalf of certain governments, Australia is the main one that I have found, think that New Zealand may also do similar and there may be others. Basically a 10 per cent fee that is paid for by the customer in Australia to me as part of their PayPal transaction, which eBay then passes to the Australian government. The question is how to assign these transactions… I’m erring towards tagging them as eBay fees under the category Commision Fees, or is there a more suitable category?
Many thanks in advance! Best regards, Mark

Do eBay itemise this in their invoices?

Appears to be completely absent from the eBay invoices. I guess it’s not part of their fee?

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