eBay Managed Payments

I’ve been using QF for a few months, I trade on eBay and have the PayPal Integration configured which works excellently.

I’m concerned what I will do when this eBay managed payments thing happens later this year, just wondering if anyone else is getting the same nervous twitch as me regarding how to import sales/fee data into QF when this happens?

From reading QF forum I understand I could import a CSV of sales from eBay but then I’m into the unknown of how (and where) to account for payments/fees.

… or am I overthinking this :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @FTTrading

From what I understand, the eBay Managed Payments would be like another merchant account, meaning each transaction technically has 3 parts:

  • Money In (full balance of the sale)
  • Money Out (merchant fees)
  • Money Out (the balance, which you actually receive)

It would be a similar situation to what you use now with PayPal, except there isn’t a feed to automate it at this stage.

A CSV could work, but without knowing the format that eBay will be offering the CSV, it’s a bit difficult to judge at the moment.

The other option is to simply log the payments in bulk (e.g. at the end of the day or week, depending on your volume).

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