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Ec sales list and mtd registration

Hi, may I ask how I can send/export my EC SALES LIST after MTD registration? I connected my QuickFile account with MTD registration details, sent first MTD VAT RETURN, but I can’t send or see my EC SALES LIST like before It was super easy. Thanks for help…


We have identified an issue with this which should be fixed later today :slight_smile:

Sorry for any inconvenience caused

Thank you but we checked now and still not working…

Hi @Jack_Lacko

This will be released with some other updates. It may be best to check back in the morning.

Okay, perfect thank you!

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Hi @Jack_Lacko,

Just checking in - is it working for you this morning?

Yeah, perfect, thank you…


Good afternoon, I am having the same issue with the EC sales, help please?

Hi @LBA,

The same issue as in you are unable to see the breakdown from the return you have filed? If this is the case then please send me a direct message (Click on my picture and then the blue message box) containing your QuickFile account number and we can take a look into it for you :slight_smile:

Hi, no I can see the list but at the bottom it says:
To submit your EC Sales list directly to HMRC please enable “Online EU Sales Filing” in your VAT Settings.

EU sales filing is enabled but I can’t submit - Account number is .
Thank you

Hi @LBA,

Thank you - I have removed your account number as this is a public forum but will take a look at your account for you

@LBA - Can you check again now please? I’ve just made a small change to your account which should now show this. You will however need to update your password for these submissions before you can use it.

Sorry for the delayed response. Unfortunately it is still the same as before

We’ve identified an issue which results in the ECSL filing option being disabled when MTD is enabled and the VAT Settings are saved. I’ve manually restored them for now. Would you please kindly return to the ECSL and check if you’re able to submit the form?

We do have a fix incoming for that particular issue but it’s likely to be deployed tomorrow. Hopefully you can get the ECSL off before that’s needed.

Good morning

EC Sales submitted, thank you very much for your help.


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