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EC Sales List does not remember 'Indicator' field


It seems like a bug to me.

To reproduce:

  1. Submit a VAT Return. Wait for HMRC response.
  2. Click “View EC Sales” buton.
  3. Set “Indicator” to “3” (Services) at entry line.
  4. Submit EC Sales List.
  5. View EC Sales again. The value of “Indicator” is reset to “0”. Also you can still change it but it should be read-only as the list is already submitted.

I’ve verified at HMRC Online and the submitted EC Sales List is correct (Indicator = “3”) so this is just a view issue.

I’m quite sure we don’t store that on our end, however if the ECSL has been submitted that column should probably hidden to avoid such confusion. I have made a recommendation for this to be looked at.

Hi Glenn, I agree with Irreality. I notice the indicator is zero when I open a previously submitted EC Sales Lists. The User tends to look what was done 3 months ago as he (me!) cant remember what the indicator code should be set to. (3 in my case as always services), but when loading previous submitted EC Sales Lists they always show zero, so the tendancy is to remember that I looked it up last time, so last time is right, look up what I did last time and see zero, so submit with zero this time and get it wrong! It would be good if this “bug” can be corrected. Thanks, Brett

Perhaps it would also be good to provide a key as to what the indicator value represents! - Brett

I agree it should ideally store previously submitted values. We are seeing more clients filing ECSLs on QF so it would make sense to bump up the priority on this.

I have made a note in our short term planner, we will keep you posted.

@irreality @BrettC

We have an update that will be rolled out tomorrow to correctly bind the indicator flags. This will work on recent ECSLs and all ECSLs going forward.

In regards to a key, this is something we will look to add along with this update. In the mean time here’s a brief explanation of the ECSL indicators for reference purposes.

Code 0: Default code
Code 2: You didn’t handle the goods yourself and instead, your supplier sent them directly to your customer; this is known as triangulation.
Code ‘3’: Services subject to a reverse charge


This update is now live, indicator flags will be persisted for recent and new ECSLs submitted via QuickFile.

Many thanks Glen.

Best regards,

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Can the code be set by default. For example, for service company, can this set to 3 be default?

Hi @solarpower03,

No this isn’t possible at the moment. You are welcome to create a new feature request for this

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