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I submitted this question last month but no-one answered it and it was closed after 8 days.

I do my VAT returns online through QF, but I now need to submit an ECSL.

I don’t want to do this through the automated system, but is there a way to see in QF what should go on the ECSL for a given period? It’s not the same time period as my quarterly VAT returns.

I used to manage this in my excel system but having moved to QF it would be nice to still be able to submit what HMRC need (I sell services, not goods).


Hi @Pelican10,

Unfortunately I don’t know of an easy way to do this. You can get a copy of the EC sales list that relates to your VAT return by clicking the View EC Sales button at the bottom of your VAT return.
But since your list doesn’t coincide with the return dates you may be best to keep to your excel spreadsheet method

Thanks, that’s useful in itself as I hadn’t realised it was there. Would it be possible to have another column in the display showing the invoice date? it wouldn’t need to be reported to HMRC, clearly, but I am sure I’m not the only one who has different dates for ECSL and VAT returns and it would save a lot of time to be able to see this quickly.

Hi @Pelican10,

Sorry, could you be a little clearer on where you’d like the date to show? Do you mean in the download?

Hi Beth

On this page, where the ECSL details appear (clicking on the ECSL option at the bottom of the VAT return):

If this could have another column, “date”, and the relevant date for ECSL purposes, it would be really handy.


Hi @Pelican10

I believe the figures you see here are totals per client. However, you’re welcome to start a #feature request on the main forum, and we can take a look at this in more detail if there’s enough interest.

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