EC Sales Lists Reports

We are still in the process of migrating from Sage to QF. I am coming across some issues that I’m not sure how to overcome. For example, my Company has to submit MONTHLY EC Sales Lists. There is no access to this report apparently until a VAT Return has been submitted for the period. However, if I try and submit a report for August this fails as it is not the end of our VAT quarter. Any suggestions?


Currently the EC Sales list can be generated only when the underlying VAT return has been submitted. I will consult with our accountant on this as I’ve never come across this issue before, in most cases I’ve seen the EC Sales list and VAT return go together.

If a change needs to be made to the software it may not be a simple fix and will need to be referred to our dev team. I would suggest manually producing your EC Sales list for the time being. Sorry I could not be of further help here.

Ok Glenn, noted thank you.