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EC Sales submission to HMRC failed


In May '18 I reported this problem. Unfortunately I have not found an option to test the credentials.
Now when filing VAT return I had again an EC sales invoice.
Still the same problem. Reentered HMRC credentials. Checked branch and post code in the VAT settings.
To me they look the same as for VAT submission, which works fine.
What can I do?


Hi @fich

Can I just check, if you log into your HMRC account directly (through their website with the same credentials), you have the option of submitting an ECSL there?


Hi Mathew, thanks for looking into the matter.
HMRC is ok, as I submitted my ECSL manually.


Anything else I could try to do in order make ECSL submission to work next time?


Hi @fich

Providing you use the same login for ECSL as you do for the VAT return, you should be able to submit it all OK through your account.

If you could double check your HMRC account as it’s not uncommon to have multiple accounts across the various services. If you do encounter the error again, please let us know what error you’re seeing, as this will help us hopefully resolve it for you.