Email address for invoice wrong

Hi, just having a problem with sending invoices via email.

We sent some invoices out and after chasing payment discovered that they hadn’t received the invoice. When checked, there was an error in the customer email address that we had entered.

We didn’t get any error message back saying email incorrect. Is there any way to check if emails are being sent and going through? Should we not receive a server error?

Hi @Carl_Foster1

Do you use QuickFile’s default email set up (e.g. you’re not using your own SMTP server)?

We do track bounces, but you wouldn’t receive an error as such as this isn’t known until the email is returned to us.

You can check for bounces by viewing the client in question:

Or providing you have a Power User Subscription and you’re the main administrator, there is an email report which will show you whether an email has been sent, opened, blocked (previously bounced back) or failed due to an invalid format. This can be found by going to Account Settings >> All Settings >> Sent Email Log.

Hope that helps

Yes, looks like we haven’t set up emails to be sent from our own server. I’ll do that now.

If you set them up to use your own SMTP server, they should bounce straight back to you, the same as any other email. However, the bounces won’t then show in QuickFile.

If you need any help, please let us know :slight_smile:

I’ve now set up the SMTP for emails to come from our own server. I set up a fake email address to test and received the following email:

We have been unable to send a number of items through your own custom SMTP email server. The last 3 consecutive attempts failed. The error recorded is as follows:

Syntax error in parameters or arguments. The server response was: <‘’>: malformed address: '> may not follow <'

Please return to the SMTP settings page on your QuickFile account (Account Settings Area). If you have recently changed your email password or any other credentials please update and reactivate your SMTP services accordingly.

Quick File Team

The SMTP was deactivated and I had to activate it again. I didn’t receive an error to my email from our server, seemed to go to quickfile instead.

The issue here is <, > and the ’ around the email address.

It should entered as just

The error in this case was generated by email as the server didn’t attempt to send it as the address was in the wrong format. Providing the address is correctly formatted, the server will attempt to send it through your chosen method (in your case, your custom SMTP server), and then it handles the sending and rejections

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