Email address has already been registered when adding a team member

Hi there,

I would like to add my accountant as a user to give him the total overview.

When I look in my team settings I can only see myself as a user. When I try to add my accountant as a new team member, it states that " This Email address has already been registered" . However my accountant has never received log in details, and I cannot see him as a user either.

What to do? It seems like a bug to me!

Thanks in advance,


Has someone else added him as a user? This error applies the whole of Quickfile including every other account not just yours.

We have a one account per email address policy so I would presume your accountant is already registered to another QuickFile account.

We do have a multi-user system dedicated for accountants/bookkeepers called Affinity.

You can find out more about Affinity here.

Thank you for your answer, I will check with my accountant if that is the case!!