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My emails don’t seem to be working. I usually send from from Info@email and CC myself using a gmail. But nothing is coming through to Gmail. Plus receipt hub is also not receiving anything from the setup gmail which all usually works and has done for ages.
Can someone please help me sort this issue???



I have checked and can see that there was a receipt sent in this morning which hasn’t been caught in any spam filters so should be showing on your account.

With regards to the CC - you would only be able to cc the gmail account with email going from QuickFile if this is the email address you use to log in. When you request to send a copy of invoices etc then this will use whichever email you have used to log in.

I have checked and there are no bounces against the gmail email so it might be worth checking your spam boxes as some emails can get caught

Thanks for your reply.

So I’ve just done a test run… you’ll be able to see.

Ive set it as TEST and sent it to my personal email address and CC’d it as I have always done, which has always been sent using the gmail.

Ive checked my personal account and gmail account and nothing has come through and nothing in spam.
Ive sent and received mail to check they work and they do. So I seems to me that anything from quick files is not reaching my email inbox or junk box.


Any way you can help me ?

I had a similar issue back in Nov 19 and this was your reply which may I add has worked perfectly since today…

Hi @Clearviewcleaner_Bri,

I have had a look at those emails and we have had no errors returned to us so they have been sent from QuickFile successfully without any bounce backs.

The emails must have been filtered by your clients spam filters? It may be worth you copying yourself into the emails, if they have not received them you can then forward from your own inbox and see if they can receive it that way?

But now nothing is being received from clients or myself and nothing can be found in the junk box.

Please help if you can. Thanks


Hi Mike,

I have just been informed that there is a delay on the Mailing system at the moment. This should be resolved shortly but there will be a bit of a backlog of emails to be sent so may take a while

Beth you are virtual angel. Thank you. just come through.

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