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I can’t seem to be able to set up sending invoices from my email client

Hi @Peter2

Have you looked through this guide: Sending mail from your own SMTP Server

Yes I have and as far as I can see I am doing all the right things. SMTP settings are correct as is the password, but nothing seems to work I get lots of different error messages. The client i’m am using is Thunderbird.

Hi @Peter2

Just to confirm, the SMTP in QuickFile doesn’t require an email client as we would connect directly to your email server.

Could you perhaps give us a few details about what you’re trying to do or achieve, and we can advise on the best way to do it within QuickFile?

One of my important customers can’t receives invoices sent via Quickfile I want to be able to send them through my email client.

Ok, perfect. So the SMTP setup would be the way to go with this, but there’s no need to use something like Thunderbird or Windows Mail.

In your QuickFile SMTP settings that @QFBeth referred to, is everything set up and verified there, or are you seeing the error messages on that page?

I’m sorry I have to go out now I will try again later and get back to you.

I think your actually confused.

You can’t use thunderbird to send messages from quickfile.

Thunderbird is an email client.

Quickfile uses your email settings to send messages like thunderbird uses them to retrieve messages.

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