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Hi All,
Please how do I communicate through internal email to my clients via my affinity dashboard. I am new to this and having difficulties figuring this out.

Thanks for your help.



Hi @roybello1

If you view a client from your Affinity account, you’ll see their email address listed as part of their details. Clicking their email address will start an internal message for you.

Hope that helps!

Hi Mathew,
Thanks for your response. I have tried to locate the email but still not able to figure it out. Please can you give me a step by step guide in this regard? I hope I have been able to set up client’s information correctly?

Kind regards,

@roybello1 - From your Affinity dashboard, you can select the company name. This reveals more information about them, such as their filing dates, latest events, team members, etc.

If your client is a team member (which if they can access their account, chances are, they are a team member), you can click on their email address here:


Which takes you to the internal message composer:

Hope that’s clearer :slight_smile:

Got it now. Thank you so much for your excellent support.


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