Email/Invoice history feature

I think the following feature would be good, i dont know if possible due to space but when we send an invoice to a client or a PO to a supplier I sometimes include an additional message in the e-mail section of the send. It would be convenient to be able to see what messages were sent in the history.

It does really come down to storage at the moment. There are about 8,000 emails a day dispatched from the system and this figure is growing by the month.

We do keep a temporary store of emails for 30 days so it is possible we may be able to expose these in your account, but some work is required to provide this feature. If it becomes more popular we can look into this, otherwise in the mean time I would suggest CC’ing your invoices when you send them.

Thank you, i thought storage might be an issue.

I just thought you may be interested to know that this feature has been implemented. You can find out more here:

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