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Me again!

May be a silly question, but where an invoice or reminder email is sent to the client with multiple contacts, does the audit trail display each contact’s name as accessing it as and when or just the primary contact’s name for all contacts?


It will display the user’s name that you sent it to. The only issue you may find is if it’s originally sent to the wrong person and they forward it, the original person’s name will still show as the email link is tied to their name.

Hope that makes sense!

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

I just sent a reminder to someone and the the audit trail shows the primary client logged in and viewed… I guess they must have looked back at a forwarded email.

Thanks for clarifying :smile:

The reminders generally go to the primary contact (sorry - should have mentioned that!)

Aaah, I un-ticked the primary contact and just sent it to a secondary who’d already discussed this overdue balance with me.

Ah, so you done it manually - as in, went into the invoice, clicked ‘send’ and sent it to a specific contact? In that case it should be fine. It would appear in the log who it was sent to:
“xxxx sent a second reminder for invoice xxxx []” for example

If it was automated, or appeared to send manually, then it would be the primary contact.

It came up in the red flag on the home screen (I’m reviewing before sending), saw this client was overdue (3rd reminder!! tut tut) so clicked preview, unticked the primary contact and ticked a secondary.

It just seemed odd that when it was view a few mins later it’s displayed the primary contact as having logged in, hence my post.

The link is unique for each client contact so it should accurately track who logged in. I’ve just tried this myself and it worked as expected. Perhaps the secondary contact notified the primary contact or has access to their email?

Either, the secondary contact told the primary contact about my 3rd reminder and he’s logged in or the secondary contact has an email from the primary contact and clicked the link there.

It’s no biggy and works as expected - I was just curious to check that it worked in the way it does! :slight_smile:

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What - surely you’re not suggesting that people who sit next to each other in accounts payable departments actually speak to each other??? :wink: I have to say in my 28 yrs’ bookkeeping experience, this doesn’t happen often lol :joy:


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