Email invoices from woocommerce to a sales Invoice hub?

I am new to QF and hope someone can help me. I had a look in a few other topics but could not find a answer to my question.
I use woocommerce on my website. Woocommerce generates invoices and send these to the customers and a copy to me. It can also send a copy of that invoice to whoever I want, so, I could send a copy to Quickfile. I only need this invoice (copy) to tag it with the payment made to one of my bank account and to mark as paid. I don’t need to send this invoice to the customer because he/she already has it from woocommerce. Is there in option to have something like a sales invoice hub like the receipt hub for purchases? Or have I to create a second invoice manually here in quickfile?

Thank you very much

You could use Zapier to automate this:

Thank you very much ian_roberts, thats sounds pretty good and simple. You may are not the right person but perhaps you know it: Is this invoice transfer service from zapier a free core service or does it belong to the paid premium service?

Hi @rhc

Zapier will require a Power User Subscription on the QuickFile side of it. Zapier is free to a certain limit however.

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