Email notification when attaching new document to client invoices?

As part of the electrical work I do for my clients, I must issue safety certificates for each job. I create these as a PDF file and I’ve found that the best way to deal with the document is to simply attach the file to the relevant invoice.

Now, there is normally a bit of time between invoices being raised and the safety documents being sent out (say about a week).

When I add the new client to the QF system they get an email telling them about their client area with login details. When I raise the invoice they get another email and then when I log payment they get a third email.

It would be amazing if they could get yet another email alert when I upload and attach the safety certificate to their invoices. I would guess the QF template email would read “A new document has been uploaded to your client area”, which in my case, I would change to “Your electrical safety documentation has been issued”.

Does this feature already exist and I’m missing it? If not, is this a possible feature that could be added?

I know this takes Quickfile into a new direction away from strictly accounts software into the realm of general office admin stuff, but I am hugely impressed with the client area of QF (as are the people I’ve shown the system off to), and it would just make it really simple and professional if I could use the client area for ALL my client management needs.

The system already allows for me to tack the documents to the invoice. It would just be even better if an email notification could go out when I do so.


It may be that this functionality is handled with the following feature discussion. This is something we’re committed to but haven’t yet allocated the time to carry out the work.

To be honest I can’t say that we are likely to automate the sending of emails when a document is uploaded in the first release.