Email payment notification when tagging from bank

There are two main methods to receipt a customer payment:

  1. Download a statement extract from your ‘real’ bank and upload it into QF. From there, you can TAG to matched invoices.
  2. Go into the invoice itself and log a payment

At the moment, I do a bit of both but what I like to do is send an email notification to my clients to acknowledge receipt of their payment. The downside is that I can only see this is possible when you choose option 2 above, as a dialogue box pops up giving that option. This is in contrast to tagging where if the correct invoice is matched, you just ‘click to pay’ and that’s it.

Would it not be possible to have this notification option on both methods?

Well the point of using tagging was always for speed and efficiency. The more we overload it with options the more cumbersome it becomes to use and it sort of loses it’s appeal. We may in future allow this (i.e. sending an email from bank tagging) to be switched on as desired, it’s not on our short term plan but it has been suggested by other users.


Here’s the official thread, I would add your vote here.