Email receipt option on Payment View

I don’t normally bother to email receipts, but just sometimes somebody asks for one. No problem if I haven’t already logged their payment, but if I have done then the only way I can find to email a receipt is to delete the payment and re-enter it. Is there any chance we could have an “email receipt” button on the Payment View screen?


This has been recommended elsewhere, it’s something on our list although it’s not something we are currently working on right now. We have about several hundred feature requests and we’re currently prioritising those with the most support.

I’ve also noticed that when receiving a payment that is allocated over multiple invoices, there is no option to email a receipt to the client on the Grouped Payment screen. This would be a very useful extension to the functionality so that the client is aware of how the payments are allocated.

I think the original post is about obtaining a PDF of the payment receipt. Emailing suppliers when bulk allocating payments to multiple purchase invoices is a slightly different feature. If you search the forum some of these have been suggested. Best to find the exact one and add your vote there.

Hi Glenn,
You may be correct, as the wording can be interpreted for both purchases and sales when I look further.

However I believe (and Healthpay can correct if not) that the email receipt function that is required relates to the 'Send email notification to Supplier/Customer) on the Log a Payment screen on either Purchases or Sales. In both cases, once the payment is made or received, there is no option to send the notification (receipt) outside of that dialog, unless you delete the payment and recreate it again.

This is also then true for my input that when processing bulk payments - made or received - there is no option to make the email notification at all.

If I am misreading this thread then apologies and I will post a new feature request as I could find no others in a similar vein to my observations.

Are you referring to the ability to send PDF attachments (of the receipt) with the email notification? I just want to understand the sequence you’re looking for here.

What we’ll probably look to do in the future (I can’t say when at this stage) is allow for the payment receipt to be generated as a PDF. That’s the first step, other functionality may follow.

We are somewhat reluctant though to go down the route of more PDF options as it adds a lot of complexity to the system. Generating PDFs is fairly simple, adding all the myriad of features to allow people to fully control the appearance is a very time consuming and difficult to get right for all users.

From my point of view the current arrangement of sending an email from the receive payment screen is adequate - I wouldn’t need a PDF. However I would like the ability to send that email after the event - probably via a button on the view payment screen

And from me, not interested in complicating with PDF versions. The existing New Payment Received and Remittance Advice emails suffice to notify the relevant party of the transaction.

It looks like the original request would therefore mean adding an option on the Payment View table, and/or on the individual payment record for either purchases or invoices to send the email after the event.

My extension to the request is to add the initial tick box on the Grouped Payment dialog as is for the Log A Payment dialog, and of course factoring in to the email template that multiple allocation lines could be listed when converting the template to the final email.

Hopefully this is much clearer now, and thanks for coming back so quickly on this.

Thank you both for the feedback!

We are planning to add the ability to send email confirmations when bulk logging payments. This will require us to produce a reworded email template. We will also look at adding a facility to send/resend this confirmation at a later date from the payment details screen.

I’ve added this thread to our development planning system and we will revisit this as soon as we have the resources.