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Email receipts as ZIP file and automatically unzip them


I’m endeavouring to make life a little more automated for my team and I. I’m creating rules/filters in my email to tag invoices automatically whereupon Zapier will trigger an email forwarding the tagged email to DropBox to be automatically imported by QuickFile. However, if there are 2 or more invoices attached to the same email then Zapier bundles them together in a zip file. The process of importing from DropBox seems to ignore zip files. I have even tried emailing the zipped invoices via Zapier which generates a response ‘unrecognised file attachments’.

Now I know that you can upload a zip file via the document manager, so in the interest of smoothing out some automation issues, can zip files be allowed via Dropbox import or email import?


Hi @admin1

I’m not sure if this is something we’re going to be able to support due to the way it works.

If you upload a document manually through the document manager, you can assign it to a folder directly, and it’s just that - it’s a document, not necessarily a receipt or invoice.

With Dropbox and the email feature however, this is tied to the receipt hub. The receipt hub treats everything coming in as an invoice or receipt and displays a preview of the files for you to type in the details. As far as I’m aware (but I will double check), this isn’t something that’s possible with a zip file.


It would be very good to see zip files unpacked automatically


I’ve converted this to a feature request for now, and we’ll monitor interest from the community going forward.


You need to watch with this, because certain valid document types like .docx are actually zip files in disguise, and you definitely don’t want to unpack those.


Well, clearly it would make sense for this feature to work on .zip extensions :stuck_out_tongue: